Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Natural and Organic Beauty Recipes

Natural and Organic Beauty Recipes that You Can Make at Home

It might interest you to know that cosmetics are not always safe. Many cosmetics contain ingredients that are carcinogenic. The Enviromental Work Group (EWG) has a wonderful website for publicizing the health risks of everyday cosmetics, so you can see which products are safe and which are not. It is available at Skin Deep. Also, there are natural and organic beauty recipes below as alternatives to commercial products.

Natural and Organic Beauty Recipes

Wen - The unshampoo

Shampoo your hair without stripping out the natural oils and get movie star hair!

More Information on Making Natural Recipes for Beauty

Overview and recipes for herbal oil, natural conditioners, lip balms and skin care products and other organic homemade beauty recipes.

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